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Description of recruitment


New Graduates
Persons satisfying both of the following conditions:

  • Persons expecting to graduate from a 4-year university program between April 2020 and March 2021 Alternatively, a person who graduated from a 4-year university program between April 2017 and March 2020
  • Persons who have never had a full time job in a company.

Graduate school, university or technical college graduates with professional experience.


New Graduates (For April 2019 hires)
Master's degree: 230,000 yen/month; University graduate: 208,000 yen/month.

Salaries are decided based on experience, age and ability, and in accordance with the regulations of the company.

Work Location

Global DENSO Headquarters as well as domestic and overseas establishments and functional establishments.

Working Hours

  • Flex time system: Core time: 10:10 to 14:25 hrs.
  • Standard hours worked: 8 hours (includes one hour of break time).

Compensation Package

  • Pay Raise
  • Bonus
  • Various other Allowances
    Allowances for family, directorships, qualifications, overtime, transportation, etc.
  • Welfare
    All social insurance programs Selection-based welfare plan.- Individual: Housing fund loans, asset-building, stock ownership plan, etc. Facilities: Dormitories for single persons, company housing, resort facilities, training center, various cultural / gym facilities, etc.

Vacations and Holidays

2-day weekends (Saturday and Sunday), New Year, Golden Week and Summer holidays (Approximately 10 days off for each holiday), Yearly paid holidays, special holidays.

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