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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of talent is your company seeking?

We are seeking"People who believe in the possibilities and continue to take on challenges". DENSO's history is a history of taking on challenge after challenge in the face of failure and difficulty. This is why we would like to entrust DENSO's future to people who embody these characteristics.
Particularly for those joining us mid-career, we are interested in applicants whose past work experiences give rise to heightened expectations for such abilities.

Please tell me how to apply.

Applications are accepted through WEB Entry on this site. Once you've decided on the type of job you want to apply for, fill out the entry form to apply.

Please explain the screening process from application to informal offer.

First, your registered information is examined, and on the basis of that screening, applicants are asked to take written tests and attend interviews. In screening, we place particular emphasis on the interview, as we mainly try to ascertain "What do you want to do?"
For details, see Screening Process.

Can I apply for more than one type of occupation?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Each person can only apply once, for one type of job.

Is screening conducted in English?

From application to informal offer, all steps are conducted in English.

Where is screening conducted?

Basically, screening is conducted at DENSO's Headquarters (Kariya-shi, Aichi-ken).

Where is the workplace?

It depends on where you are placed, but most associates will first work domestically, at the company's head office (Kariya-shi, Aichi-ken). In the future, posts overseas are possible.

What fields do foreign associates work in?

There is no restriction as to which fields foreign associates can work in, and there are foreign associates in various departments.

Which languages are used for work? Is Japanese ability required?

In the divisions to which associates are assigned, English is generally used. Concerning Japanese ability, it is not required to enter the company, but within the company, Japanese is the main language used, so acquiring some Japanese language ability will make daily living and communicating easier.

Do you offer company housing or dormitories?

In areas within commuting distance of every work location, Denso offers company-owned housing or dormitories. The housing is for married, while the dormitories are for single.

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