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A Conversation with Foreign Associates

Please tell us why you ended up choosing DENSO.

As I went to interviews for different companies, I found out a lot of things. First was that in the beer industry, you have to have work for 1 year in a store selling your company's products. I realize why that's necessary, but I decided that it wasn't for me. I wanted to join a company that would give me work that I was in charge of as soon as possible. When I talked to DENSO associates, they told me that even associates in entry level position are given work that they were in charge of. I also talked to people from various departments like planning, sales, and production management, and I got a good impression from all of them. Another consideration was DENSO's financial strength. DENSO has brand power overseas, and in addition to its technological strengths, I thought it was strong financially as well.

DENSO looked at every detail during my interview. They looked at every course that I took in university, and I got the impression that it was a very conscientious company. I had actually been informally accepted by companies other than DENSO, and I was torn about which company to choose. At the time, the people at DENSO told me to come whenever I wanted and that they would show me whatever I wanted to see so that I could make a decision on my own. They were very open with me. It then occurred to me that a company like that might put me in charge of the work that I wanted to do. When I was able to believe this, that was the defining moment when I made my decision to join.

Like Bahman, I was also unsure about what to do after being informally accepted by DENSO. Joining DENSO meant having to change my area of research. I couldn't come to a decision on my own, and I decided to talk to a professor who had been a mentor during my Master's studies. When I rushed to him with the news that I had been informally accepted, he was very happy for me. He told me that there are several students from the university who go on to join DENSO every year, so that reassuring. He/she was just positive about it.

But what's most important is to be able to do the work you want to do, isn't it? Irina: No matter how attractive the compensation and benefits are, if the work you do isn't interesting, it just isn't sustainable.

DENSO has technical strengths, long-term viability, and fairness when it comes to recognizing the achievements of foreigners, and a culture where associates in entry level position are given work they are in charge of. It is perhaps these qualities that attract many people to DENSO.

Did your impression of DENSO change after joining the company?

I'd been to the company many times before joining, so it hasn't changed very much. Before joining I did think that it would be a bit rigid and stuffy in some ways, but it had a very frank atmosphere where even in meetings they would come and ask the opinions of associates in entry level position who had only been working there for a year or two.

I didn't have any expectations in particular before joining in the company (laugh). I didn't have a picture of the company in my head or any sense of what it would be like, so my impression didn't change.

I was surprised to see so many associates from China. This is something I found out when I received an invitation to a welcoming party. It was very reassuring.

I'm jealous. There are no other Iranians (laugh). Please let me into your group.

You're welcome any time (laugh).

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